InterCor is a recently started European project related to Connecting Europe Facility for Transport. This project, managed by Rijkswaterstaat, aims to harmonize services and connects existing corridors and initiatives in the Netherlands, France, England and Belgium. The project uses hybrid communications, across both long distances (cellular 3/4G LTE) and short distances (WiFi-P). In the Netherlands the project will build on services developed earlier for the Cooperative ITS Corridor-project. These will be coordinated with similar services in the French SCOOP@F project, services on the English corridor project London-Dover and services under development in Flanders. Additionally, the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Utrecht are further developing and coordinating the following services: Truck Parking, GLOSA (related to traffic lights) and tunnel related services. Several new, basic logistics C-ITS services will also be added. Consistent specifications for hybrid communications, security and test implementation will be further developed in cooperation with the national Architecture and Interoperability round table meetings and the Security round table meetings.


The main goal of the Hybrid TestFest is to test the delivery of Day-1 services operating in a “hybrid” combination of ITS-G5 and cellular communication systems. It will also investigate the cross-border interoperability of these services through a separate deployment of two distinct C-ITS systems into “Country A” and “Country B” systems.


On 13 and 14th of June (2018) the province of Noord-Brabant (NL) together with its InterCor partners in the UK organized the GLOSA Pre-TestFest to validate the interoperability of ITS Hybrid GLOSA services based on the common set of specifications developed in the InterCor project.


From 23 to 26 april 2018 the second large-scale InterCor validation event took place in Reims, the PKI Security TestFest. The main goal of this TestFest was to check the use of different Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) and the authentication of messages sent from different ITS stations.
You can find the overview of the four test event days here: PKI Security TestFest report
Relevant documents with regard to this TestFest can be found here: PKI Security TestFest information


The first InterCor TestFest, focusing on ITS G5 services (WiFi-P), was held in The Netherlands from 3 to 6 July 2017. The TESTFEST was co-organised by the InterCor project and the Dutch partners of the C-ITS Corridor. More information can be found here